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Supporting Women's Health with Manual Lymphatic Drainage + Scar Tissue Release

Get back to feeling like YOU again with post-surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage + Manual Scar Tissue Release 🤲🏻💖

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage? ⁠⁠

This gentle manual therapy focuses on the lymphatic vessels + node groups to reduce excess fluid in the body’s tissues as well as support the immune system + tissue healing ❤️‍🩹

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is excellent for:

🤲🏻Post-Surgical Healing

🤲🏻Reducing edema + swelling

🤲🏻Reducing bloating

🤲🏻Holistic health

Learn more on our blog post titled “Journey to the Heart”⁠⁠❤️

What is RAPID-NFR Manual Scar Tissue Release?

When our body produces scar tissue, it lays down collagen in an irregular fashion to repair a wound. This may result in an appearance that differs from the skin surrounding the scar. Scar tissue can also affect our underlying fascial tissues, and restrict our range of motion.

RAPID-NFR Scar Tissue Release may:

🤲🏻 Help to reorganize these collagen fibres, making the skin on the scar appear more similar to the skin around it.

🤲🏻 Reduce underlying fascial restriction + improve range of motion

🤲🏻 Help to reduce pain

Both modalities can help women recovering from Breast Cancer, Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction surgery can benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Manual Scar Tissue Release with RAPID-NFR.

Meet your Provider: Mandy Bishop, RMT completed training as a RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist in 2017, as well as additional training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and further specialization in Lymphatic Breast + Chest Massage in 2018 💆🏻‍♀️

Mandy has been committed to supporting her clients holistic health through Massage Therapy since 2014 and also brings the perspectives of applied science concepts to her manual therapy practice through her studies in Kinesiology, majoring in Human Kinetics 💪🏻📚

Book Online: 📲⁠⁠

Call the Clinic: 306-559-7770☎️

Direct Billing Available✅

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