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Mandala Massage
Facilitating Holistic Wellness

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset

Recommended Initial Intake

  60 minutes, $160

Follow-Up Appointments

* 15 minutes, $40

  30 minutes, $80

  45 minutes, $120

  60 minutes, $160

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset uses direct mobilization of the fascia to encourage the nervous system to heal dysfunctional tissue and reduce pain and inflammation.

RAPID NFR is excellent for treatment of the following: reduced range of motion, injuries, balance, pain, inflammation, arthritis, TMJ, Vertigo, and more. Mandy holds a Specialist designation in this neurologically based modality, and looks forward to resolving a broad range of pain and dysfunction using RAPID NFR. 

This treatment is performed clothed, please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement - your therapist will not be able to treat you effectively over blue jeans.

* For treatment of acute issues only. Please book longer session times for complex pain cases or more than one area of concern. 

Massage Therapy

30 minutes, $60

45 minutes, $75

60 minutes, $90

75 minutes, $105

90 minutes, $120

Relaxation Massage

Awaken your senses and renew your soul with a treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system. Reach ultimate relaxation and leave feeling revitalized, ready to tackle anything that your upcoming week may bring you.

Joint Release & Deep Tissue Massage

Born from the Ida Rolf technique, Joint Release increases the body's spatial awareness and facilitates structural integration. This passive and relaxing technique prepares the muscle tissue for Deep Tissue work. Deep Tissue massage releases adhesions from the myofascia required to heal injuries and unlock postural holding patterns.


An excellent choice for those seeking therapeutic treatment, athletes, and clients preferring a firm pressure. Regular treatment with Joint Release and Deep Tissue Massage promotes improved alignment, reduced pain, and increased range of motion. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30 minutes, $70

60 minutes, $100

90 minutes, $130

Detoxify your body and boost your immunity with Manual Lymphatic drainage. Excellent for pre and post surgical clients, this manual manipulation of the body's lymphatic vessels is deeply relaxing and performed with a light touch.

Manual movement of Lymphatic Fluid and stimulation of the Lymph nodes can assist with a broad scope of ailments, including:

-Pre-surgical fluid reduction

-Post-surgical healing

-Blood detoxyification

-Immunocompetent cell production

-Immune system function

-Edema, Arthritis, and many other inflammatory  conditions

-Cystic Acne Treatment

-Stress relief and relaxation

-Weight loss and body image

-Psoriasis and Eczema

For more information, please see the blog post on the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage!

Foot Reflexology

30 minutes, $60
60 minutes, $120

Take a moment for yourself with a Foot Reflexology treatment. This treatment includes a hot towel cleanse, deep release of acupressure points on the feet, and a luxurious massage to the knee followed by peppermint balm.  You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered.


Add-on to any Massage Treatment, $10

Add Aromatherapy essential oils specific to your treatment goal, mood, and scent preferences to any Massage Therapy treatment.


Choose from Japanese Mint Oil, or Energizing and Relaxing blends.