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Lymphatic Breast & Chest Massage

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I am happy to announce that I have completed the Lymphatic Breast Massage Course offered by Sheryl Watson of Empower Health at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts as of 2018.

I look forward to incorporating Lymphatic Drainage for the chest and breasts into my clinical Massage Therapy practice.

For appointments, please book online or call 306-559-7770.

Benefits of Lymphatic Breast/Chest Massage:

-Relieves breast pain and discomfort

-Decreases breast congestion and swelling

-Alleviates adhesions within the connective tissue of the breasts and underlying muscle tissues

-Increases pliability of scar tissue from biopsy, augmentation, reduction, lift, or mastectomy procedures

-Eases PMS and menopausal symptoms

-Helps with fibrocystic breast congestion

-Relief from engorgement during pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning

-Increases the ability of our shoulders and neck muscles to release

-Improves posture

-Assistance with monitoring breast changes

-Helps with trauma from injury i.e. seat belt, sports injuries

-Helps foster positive body self-image, acceptance of one’s breasts and femininity

-Desire to include breasts in a truly “full body” massage

-Releases emotional stress

Lymphatic breast and chest massage can be performed over the sheet, or on the skin. We will work together to create a treatment plan specific to your needs and comfort levels. Informed consent is required prior to the beginning of the treatment, and you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any component of the plan at any time and make requests for adjustments as you become aware of your needs.

Lymphatic breast massage can be integrated into a regular massage therapy session, with typically 10-15 minutes focused on lymphatic drainage of the breast tissues.

Re-establishing the flow of lymphatic fluid in our breast tissue promotes overall tissue health and relieves the uncomfortable symptoms listed above. The lymphatic system rids our body of natural bodily waste products, and Manual Drainage techniques promote increased circulation of Lymph fluid for up to 72 hours post treatment.

I have also continued my study of Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Michelle Vassallo of Rhythm Massage Development and Education in October 2018.

For appointments, please book online or call 306-559-7770.

In Best Health,

Mandy Bishop

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist

Massage Therapist

Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

*Credit to Sheryl Watson of Empower Health for the information above:

**Image of the Lymphatic vessels of the chest courtesy of Rhythm Massage Development and Education

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