Located at:
#102 - 2550 12th Ave. 
Neil Professional Building

Corner of Albert St. & 12th Ave.
Regina, SK      S4P 3X1


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Mandala Massage
Facilitating Holistic Wellness

Mandy Bishop

Massage Therapist

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist

Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Services offered:

  • RAPID NeuroFascial Reset

  • Massage Therapy

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy

As a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, treatments

are eligible for reimbursement under the following insurance providers:

  • Assurances Dalbec

  • BPA (Benefit Plan Administrators)*

  • CCWU (Canadian Construction Workers Union)*

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance*

  • CINUP*

  • Claim Secure*

  • Co-Operators

  • Coughlan & Associates

  • Cowan Insurance Group*

  • DA Towley & Associates

  • Desjardins Insurance*

  • Empire Life

  • First Canadian*

  • GMS Carrier 49*

  • GMS Carrier 50*

  • Great West Life* (now known as Canada Life)

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Group Health*

  • Group Medical Services*

  • Group Source*

  • Industrial Alliance*

  • Johnson Insurance*

  • Johnston Group*

  • LiUNA Local 183*

  • LiUNA Local 506*

  • Manion*

  • Manulife*

  • Maximum Benefit*

  • National Health Claim

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross

  • Sirius Benefits

  • Standard Life 

  • SunLife*

  • TELUS AdjudiCare*

* indicates Direct Billing is available through the TELUS eClaims service.



"I received a RAPID treatment from Mandy and felt instant relief. Weeks later I'm still experiencing less pain in the areas she worked on. The most notable change since my treatment is the decrease in arthritic pain. I definitely recommend Mandy and her services - she is very professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise!"

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Emelie V.

"Thank you - the swelling in my left ankle from achilles tendonitis is down 70% after one session of RAPID NeuroFascial Reset. I feel great! I haven't moved like this in over 4 years. I will be booking another session."

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Kevin D.

"After 18 months of actively seeing three different Chiropractors and two Massage Therapists for lower back pain, I was referred by a friend to Mandala Massage Therapy. I experienced dramatic relief after the first session and am pain-free after the third session. I am now on a maintenance plan to ensure long-term results. No more pain meds, no more back ointments and rubs. I am simply astounded by the results!"

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Joanne S.

“After one hour of treatment, I have increased flexibility in my 'problem' joints - I keep waiting for my pain to return but it hasn't! Even with everything I've read, you need to go through a (RAPID NFR) session and experience it yourself to believe it.”

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Lisa B.

"Mandy was able to help me with my chronic tendonitis in my arm and minimized swelling in my ankle from an old car accident. With the stretches she recommends, and the deep work she does I can already feel the difference. I highly recommend!"

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Geanna D.

"Following RAPID NFR treatment on my hands, I had no arthritis pain for six months! I also felt more stable in my daily posture and didn't need to rely on the railing for support when using the stairs in my house. I felt more energized after  RAPID NFR than I usually do with Deep Tissue Massage, and had an immediate reduction in pain.”

-quoted with permission from RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Client Tom B.

"5 stars for Mandy! She is an excellent therapist I would highly recommend. She pays attention to detail and takes her time to work out the troublesome areas including making your overall massage soothing and relaxing. Highly recommend!"

-quoted with permission from Massage Therapy client Christina M.

"I have had both a RAPID NeuroFascial Reset treatment and Foot Reflexology from Mandy...both services were amazing! She is very professional and I left feeling like a new person."

-quoted with permission from RAPID NFR & Foot Reflexology client Jayde R.

"She has fantastic & amazing warm hands! I fell asleep during the massage, and her warm, heartfelt hands felt really comfortable and calming. If you were in Tokyo, I would get a massage from you every day! Thank you!"

-quoted with permission from Massage Therapy client Ayako K.

"Such a sweetheart! Very talented. I got the relaxation massage and it was amazing - so I got another one the next day!"

-quoted with permission from Massage Therapy client Morgan E.

"I have suffered from lower back pain for several years. I was a fit runner but an injury left me with very limited mobility. I had tried everything and nothing was helping until I saw Mandy.


Within 1 treatment I saw a huge increase in mobility. With 2 treatments I am back in the gym running and lifting low weights for the first time in years with no pain.I have already recommended her to my whole family."

-quoted with permission from RAPID NFR Client Jenn M.

"I fractured a bone in my foot when I was 12, and my foot rotated outwards about 45 degrees. Over the last 14 years I have been weary about therapists touching my foot, every treatment would just aggravate my foot for weeks.


After just a 15 minute Rapid session with Mandy I left feeling more balanced than I have since the injury. The next morning I noticed my foot has come back to its proper position and points straight again!"

-quoted with permission from RAPID NFR Client Stephanie M.