Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors

Mandala Massage offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage & RAPID-NFR Scar Tissue release to support breast cancer survivors on their recovery journey.

Lymphatic Breast Massage/Manual Lymphatic Drainage focuses on treating the Lymphatic system rather than musculature or fascia. If you are experiencing swelling or congestion of fluid in the armpit region or the breast tissues, this is the ideal treatment to move that fluid back to the heart, so it can be flushed away by the body. As well, if lymph nodes have been removed during surgery, this treatment provides extra supports to the Lymphatic system in filtering and draining excess fluid.

Bloating, swelling, and fluid congestion anywhere in the body can be treated with MLD, and this modality can also support pre & post-surgical clients with healing and immune function.

As the Lymphatic system is very superficial and delicate, this is a gentle pressure treatment. More information on this modality can be found on our blog post titled “Journey to the Heart”.

RAPID-NFR scar tissue release can help to improve the texture and tone of scar tissue, as well as have lasting impacts on pain relief and improved range of motion.


Bliss Permanent Cosmetics offers areola reconstruction & scar camouflage services to support breast cancer survivors self-image & self-confidence.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these services - we look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.



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