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Green with enVy™ latex ergonomic pillows!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are proud to carry the enVy™ range of pillows in our clinic at Mandala Massage, and in our online store at Mandala Wellth!

enVy™ Pillow has recently launched a sustainable new organic latex pillow with a 1" removable lift for optimal ergonomic neck support while sleeping on your back or your side.

All enVy™ Pillows have a patented "OFF-Your-Face Design" to subtly tilt your face and jaw away from the pillow, minimizing face-to-pillow contact while offering optimal neck support and alignment. This ergonomic design is ideal for CPAP users, TMJ sufferers, and those struggling with brachial plexus compression with numbness into the hand and arm.

As well, this off-loading of the jaw and face prevents and reduces the sleep wrinkles and premature aging that develop over time as we press our youthful faces info a pillow every night with our 8-10 pound weight of our head. That is the best overnight skin care and therapeutic beauty sleep we can offer.

Besides the design of the pillow that prevents sleep wrinkles while we sleep, the OFF-your-face positioning is a must-have after any invasive or non-invasive facial treatments or simply to help prevent pressure on one’s jaw and TMJ.

About the "Green with enVy™” pillow: It is Fully Organic from the inside out: ✓ Creamy Organic Latex ✓ Organic Cotton pillow protector, ✓ Super Sustainable Copper infused TENCEL™ Liner ✓ Luxurious TENCEL™ Pillowcase (the Vegan alternative to SILK) ● TENCEL™ is made from renewable raw material wood, manufactured using an award winning environmentally responsible production process and certified as compostable and biodegradable. ✓ 100% Organic Hemp travel bag ✓ Includes our new removable 1” latex lift for those who prefer a higher lift pillow

NOTE: Worried about Latex Allergies? NO NEED TO! Scientific studies show that the latex used in nearly all bedding products will not cause a reaction.

WHY? Because the Organic Latex used in our pillows do not produce the same allergic reactions as other latex products found in household or medical products. To really get to the bottom of this bedtime myth we need to dive deeper into what actually causes a latex allergy, and why the latex foam in our enVy Latex Pillows is different.

What exactly causes a latex allergy? A latex allergy is a reaction to the proteins present in natural rubber latex. Most people have found they are allergic to latex by using items made from natural rubber, including elastic bands, latex gloves, baby bottle nipples and balloons. Natural latex is known to cause Type I and Type IV allergic reactions. Testing for a Type I natural latex allergy is done through blood testing. Type IV can be diagnosed by using a skin-prick test. Estimates of latex sensitivity in the general population range from 0.8% to 8.2%. According to the FDA, there have been zero cases of allergic reactions to the natural rubber used in latex foam products throughout the bedding industry, which spans more than 35 years.

Latex pillows (or other latex bedding) products may contain natural rubber latex, but here's the difference: the Dunlop latex used in our enVy Pillow is subject to a 220°F vulcanization oven and thoroughly washed and dried. This eliminates any reaction-related proteins or residues. Furthermore, our Latex pillows are covered with a 100% Organic Cotton cover which is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, dust-mite-resistant. That means there is no direct contact, in most cases, between your skin and the latex that could result in any type of reaction.

Still comfortable, still supportive, still anti-aging BUT now natural, vegan, biodegradable, and 100% GOLS certified.

enVy™ Pillow Green with enVy Pillows are available for purchase in the clinic at Mandala Massage, or online in our online shop at - we will arrange local delivery with Store to Door, in-clinic pickup, or shipping as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we would be happy to help!

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