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What's better than getting your Christmas shopping done early? Having it reimbursed by your insurance plan!

Did you know that enVy Pillows & Weighted Blankets may be claimable under your insurance coverage? Check with your insurance company to see if you have a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), and ask if neck support pillows and weighted blankets are eligible for reimbursement.

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Learn more about the benefits of enVy Pillows

enVy Pillows are made in Canada, and designed by two Registered Nurses with the intent to provide proper head and neck support and cervical spine alignment for both back and side sleepers. The unique design of the enVy pillow includes:

-Non-toxic memory foam: like sleeping on a cloud

-Chiropractic Dual Neck support: to customize your level of support

-Prevents compression of the face, shoulder and neck during sleep

-Supports & cradles the head and neck whether sleeping on your back or your side

-Anti-aging benefits by reducing sleep wrinkles, with additional benefits of increasing the skin's cellular metabolism found in the enVy COPPER+SILK Pillow

-COPPER Ion Infusion in the enVy COPPER and enVy COPPER+SILK Pillows - and the enVy COPPER masks!

What is COPPER Ion Infusion?

The enVy™ Pillow's state of the art Copper technology is a process that allows copper to be easily infused and bonded onto natural fabrics using a highly engineered atomic-level chemical modification of copper.

The technology deeply infuses and distributes copper ions into every fibre, sub-fibre and strand of fabric in an even manner with complete coverage for enhanced anti-microbial activation. Anti-microbial Copper provides a second line of defense against microbes in addition to routine sanitizing and good hygienic practices.

Why Copper?

-Copper is antimicrobial: continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, dust mites, viruses and superbugs like MRSA within 24 hours and starts killing these pathogens upon contact

-Copper promotes skin health: Copper has been shown to regenerate skin tissue and boost elastin and collagen production, which supports improvements in skin tone, texture, and health

-Copper has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits: Copper ions help the skin to heal from the outside in, as it is readily metabolized and utilized the body and may aid in wound healing, increased circulation via angiogenesis, and skin regeneration

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Learn more about the benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets soothe the nervous system by providing deep pressure stimulation, creating a sense of calm and a feeling of being gently hugged. In doing so, they stimulate the production of oxytocin, serotonin, and melatonin - resulting in reduced stress, reduced blood pressure, improved mood, and deep restful sleep. These effects may help to reduce anxiety, improve insomnia, and reduce pain.

In my practice as a RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist, I often educate my clients as to the biopsychosocial model of pain. Simply put, our experience of pain is affected by our biology, our psychology, and our social environment. In the context of my Massage Therapy clients, these factors are often impacted by our quality of sleep, our level of stress, and of course musculoskeletal health.

Acknowledging this, Mandala Massage now offers the enVy Pillows and weighted blankets as a means to further support your health.

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Any questions? Call the clinic at 306-559-7770 or send us an e-mail at

Exciting news!

Mandala Massage is launching a new online store - Mandala Wellth, with our first product being the weighted blankets. Our new e-commerce site is set to launch by the end of November at - be sure to subscribe for updates as we continue to expand our curated collection of health & wellness products.

Thank you for your continued support & new client referrals!

In Best Health,

Mandy Bishop

Massage Therapist

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist

Clinic Owner, Mandala Massage Regina

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